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Simple Steps to Building the Business (and Life) of Your Dreams

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3 sessions of training, that will give you the exact roadmap to build a business you love and ensure that it's successful!

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It can be overwhelming (and lonely) doing it all by yourself. You have questions, and ideas you want to work through, with a community of like-minded women.  This is your chance to become part of a community of incredible women founders, and access all the tools and resources you need, to create the growth you want in your business.

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We will spend 3 sessions together, working on the process of building your business, have a LOT of fun, and squash the overwhelm and confusion with a simple, clear path forward.

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It's time to cut through the confusion and overwhelm and get really clear, with our Business Builders Roadmap. No more guessing at what you need to do and when. We've got the exact steps mapped out for you!

Then we will outline what your ideal life and business look like and create a plan to align them, so that you build a life you can't wait to get to, each and every day!

Finally, we'll give you the keys to ensure your success, with our Business Success Blueprint. This is the secret to create the strategies to make this the year you reach all of your goals!

Collaborate with a group of like minded women entrepreneurs, receive free training to give you a clear path, with simple steps to follow, to create a wildly successful business. No overwhelm, no uncertainty.  And best of all, it’s FREE for a limited time.

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Women entrepreneur

Hey There! Nice to meet you!

I'm Kristy, and helping women create freedom through success in entrepreneurship is my passion.

Before I had a million dollar business, I had a big idea, and a desire to create a life where my time was my own, my earning potential was unlimited, and I could provide security for my family, just like every woman entrepreneur I know.

I had to learn how to do it all from scratch, googling my way from one step to the next, and hoping I wasn’t missing anything important.

It's tough to know what questions to ask, because as they say "You don't know what you don't know".

That makes it SO easy to miss important details, and those mistakes can cost a ton of time and money down the road.

Success as an entrepreneur is freedom. 

Freedom to create life YOU want, freedom to take control of your time, your family, and your future. 

If you own a successful company, you are no longer dependent on anyone, or anything, for the necessities. And that kind of freedom can lift so many women out of terrible situations, by simply giving them choices.

As I got better at building businesses, and created a formula for starting each new business, I looked for ways I could take what I had learned, and make it a bit easier for other women to do the same. 

There were just so many women that could use a roadmap to help them step into their dreams with confidence, and start and grow the business they envisioned. I wanted to fast track them past the mistakes, help them skip the overwhelm and the confusion.

That’s where the idea for SHEcorporated started.  A way to reach as many women entrepreneurs as possible, to support each other, to create a community of women, cheering each other on, sharing each others wins, and sharing the experience of starting and growing their businesses.

Ready to start and scale your business the right way?

(and build your DREAM life?!)

Let's take on the world together.

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